We sent some samples out to the professionals and held our breath. The team over at Best Beef Jerky Reviews is known to pull no punches, not play favorites and provide thorough, honest and unbiased reviews.  This is what made us so excited and nervous at the same time! A few weeks of refreshing their website and we finally have the review in. Check a summary out below and see the full review in detail here. 

Savage Jerky Co. is a new brand of jerky produced by Brad and Michelle Summey out of Washington DC. We previously reviewed their jerky under the name "Brave Jerky" while they were still in fundraising mode.

Savage Jerky is based on a unique Cuban marinade recipe that mixes together garlic, lime, and cilantro. Currently, they are shipping four varieties, Mojo, Mojo Jalerrano, Mojo Habanero, and Ghost Pepper Buffalo.

We found all four of their jerky offerings to be exceptional in flavor, relying on a unique marinade unlike most other brands. They're all bold in flavor, tangy in chewing, and bring out the natural chile pepper flavors. We especially liked the Mojo Jalerrano the best for its excellent balance of chile pepper flavor, heat, citrus, and cilantro/oregano seasonings.

There you have it. For those that don't want to click through all four flavors were rated 5/5 for the best possible score! Thank you to the Best Beef Jerky Reviews team for taking the time to check out our product and thank all of our fans and customers for their continued support. 



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